Repository of 3D anatomy models to study and visualize parts of the body in an intuitive way.

Left click -> Move       Right click-> Rotate       Scroll Wheel->Zoom

Open source app for all the platforms (Android, iOS, WebGL, Windows, etc).
Actually, it's designed to be a mobile app, but the UI fits any resolution.

You can find the open source models on the following link (Z-Anatomy, Gauthier Kervyn):

This project will be constantly updated.
I appreciate any suggestions to improve the application.

Install instructions

If your Android version is equal to or greater than 11, download the app from the Play Store page:

If your Android version is less than 11, please download this version:


Z-Anatomy - v0.9.1 (Android 7, 8, 9 & 10) 161 MB

Also available on


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